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Volkhov branch of Apatit

Production of mineral fertilisers, sodium tripolyphosphate, phosphoric and sulphuric acids
Investment programme

Business profile: production of mineral fertilisers, sodium tripolyphosphate, phosphoric and sulphuric acids, cement.

  • Volkhov branch of Apatit was established in December 2003 after the split-up of the Volkhov Aluminium Refinery into chemical and metals production. The business unites chemical units involved in different aspects of the production process.
  • Volkhov branch of Apatit is the only sodium tripolyphosphate producer in Russia, manufacturing products with different specifications in line with customer requirements.
  • It uses the only production system in Russia that makes it possible to obtain granulated potassium sulphate from a machine – drum dryer granulator.
  • Volkhov branch of Apatit has close ties with Pikalevskaya Soda, which supplies the soda ash required for the production of sodium tripolyphosphate and carbonate to manufacture potassium sulphate.
  • The enterprise is a major exporter of sodium tripolyphosphate and potassium sulphate to countries in Western Europe, Asia, South America and Africa.
  • Volkhov branch of Apatit leverages a key advantage in terms of geographical location (extensive network of highways and located near a major railway junction), and also proximity to the producers of the main raw materials required in production.
  • Proximity to the seaport of St. Petersburg (distance to port: 130 km) makes it possible to ship in sea containers in any direction.
  • In February 2015,Volkhov branch of Apatit commissioned a new 100 ths tonnes/year PKS production line (PKS-100) and opened a finished product warehouse with a storage capacity of up to 1,500 tonnes (in big-bags). Total investments in the project, which PhosAgro financed from its own cash flows, amounted to over RUB 500 million. 

  • Potassium sulphate (powder, granules).
  • Sodium tripolyphosphate (powder, granules, coloured).
  • Sulphuric acid.
  • Liquid aluminium sulphate.


Potassium sulphate – highly concentrated chlorine-free fertiliser for direct fertilisation in the soil. Increases the yield of grape, buckwheat, tobacco crops and other chlorine-averse crops. Sodium tripolyphosphate is used in the production of synthetic detergents. Sulphuric acid is used in the production of phosphoric acid, phosphate salts and mineral fertilisers. Aluminium sulphate is used to purify drinking and industrial water. 

20, Kirovsky Prospekt, Volkhov, Leningrad Region, 187400, Russian Federation

Fax: (81363) 6-40-40
Reception: (81363) 64-902

Metachem has drawn up an investment programme stipulating an expansion of its product range, including different types of PK and NPK fertilisers.  

Director of the Volkhov branch of Apatit
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