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Research and Development
Research and development, pilot production, engineering
Investment programme

Business profile: research and development, pilot production, engineering

Scientific Research Institute for Fertilisers and Insectofungicide (NIUIF):

  • NIUIF is the oldest and only research institute in Russia specialising in research and development in phosphate-based processing technologies and the production of phosphoric and sulphuric acid, phosphorous and nitrogenous mineral fertilisers. It was founded in 1919.
  • It is the leading institute in the standardisation and certification of mineral fertilisers, sulphuric and phosphoric acids and by-products, and the metrological support of production facilities.
  • NIUIF holds approximately 70 patents on various phosphate processing and fertiliser production technologies.
  • Over 80 plants producing mineral fertilisers, phosphoric and sulphuric acids and industrial salts have been constructed and commissioned based on the institute’s designs in Russia, CIS countries and other countries.


  • Research into the processing of phosphate ore, development of processes and devices for chemical fertilisers, technical salts and inorganic acids;
  • Creation of environmentally sound and resource-conserving technologies and equipment used in the production of mineral fertilisers, acids and nitrogen fertilisers, acids, technical salts and mineral feedstock for livestock;
  • Establishment of technologies for the recycling of large-scale production of mineral fertilisers;
  • Development of measures to conserve electricity and use secondary energy resources;
  • Performance of design work and the delivery of facilities on a turnkey basis;
  • Proposals of licences and know-how;
  • Design of experimental and industrial production;
  • Graduate studies, upgrade of specialist skills. 

75, Severnoe Shosse, Cherepovets, Vologda Region, 162622, Russian Federation
Tel.: +7 (8202) 59-37-96 
Fax: +7 (8202) 59-30-59 

NIUIF develops specifications for engineering documentation used in the reconstruction of existing and construction of new facilities that produce sulphuric and phosphoric acids, phosphate-based and nitrogen fertilizers, feed phosphates and industrial salts.  The institute assists with the implementation of new technical solutions at the Company’s production sites and work on environmental protection projects, including the use of secondary materials and energy resources, as well as deep processing of apatite concentrate.
General Director of The Research Institute for Mineral Fertilizers and Insectofungicides (NIUIF)
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