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USD MLN2011201220132014201520162017
Cost of Sales(1,912) (1,934)(2,140)(1,791)(1,363)(1,313)(1,738)
Gross Margin44%43%35%44%56%53%44%
Gross Profit1,5081,4531,1441,4141,7501,491,37
Operating Profit9989065077701,203919617
Net profit765788269(349)598893434
EBITDA1,204 1,1237529791,3531.08878
EBITDA Margin35%33%23%31%43%39%28%
Accounts Receivable339416371390356495586
Accounts Payable379430303283240380379
Cash and Equivalents52631827354540312047
Total Debt9981,2011,6122,2011,8461,8532,13
Total Assets3,3953,8073,8573,1932,9713,7794,369
Total Equity1,8862,0371,8126408261,4581,706
Net Debt/EBITDA0.8x0.77х1.83x2.48х1.28x1,45x2,3х
Cash Flow from Operations1,1028195637161,038751514
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