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OJSC Apatit’s Quality Management System Certified to Comply with ISO 9001:2008 International Standard

15 February 2011

The company began developing the system in 2009. Work involved specialists from all the main facilities, who did a great job of revising and upgrading existing and developing new regulatory and organizational documentation. Additionally, the company carried out the necessary work to implement the system and explain ISO requirements to employees.

“We chose an ISO 9001-compliant Quality Management System as a basis because by committing to it, we commit to continually improving the quality of management of the key manufacturing processes at the plant. Now every year we will have to validate the certificate but I hope it won’t be a problem and our task is to improve the system,” said Apatit CEO Konstantin Nikitin. 

PhosAgro subsidiaries Ammophos, Cherepovetsky Azot and Balakovo Mineral Fertilizers have already obtained ISO 9001 compliance certificates.