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PhosAgro CEO Andrey Guryev Re-Elected to IFA Board of Directors for Eastern Europe and Central Asia

26 June 2018
Berlin – Andrey Guryev, the CEO of PhosAgro and President of the Russian Association of Fertilizer Producers (“RAFP”), has been re-elected as a member of the Board of Directors for Eastern Europe and Central Asia of the International Fertiliser Association (“IFA”). The decision was made during the annual meeting of IFA members at the association’s 86th annual conference, which took place in Berlin, where more than 1,350 heads of mineral fertilizers companies and representatives of organisations specialising in plant nutrition gathered from all corners of the world. 

At the conference, ‘2030 scenarios’ were presented, detailing potential scenarios for the development of the mineral fertilizers industry, with the aim of assisting not only strategic planning for the development of this sector as a whole, but also for individual companies.

One of the main themes of discussion at the event was innovation, which, according to IFA participants, can help to increase food security worldwide. 

PhosAgro CEO, RAFP President and member of the IFA Board of Directors for Eastern Europe and Central Asia Andrey Guryev said: ‘‘I am glad that the members of such a respected international association supported and selected me for the Board of Directions of IFA. I hope to justify their confidence, and I will continue to promote the introduction of innovative agricultural technologies, improve the culture of fertilizer use, and to make the practice of applying the best available technologies more widespread, which will reduce environmental impact and increase global food security, both at PhosAgro and the RAFP, which I head, but also across the entire international mineral fertiliser industry.” 

IFA Chairman Rakesh Kapur said: ‘‘Our ‘2030-Scenarios’ clearly show that the industry should continue to move towards providing more client-oriented solutions in the field of plant nutrition, which take into account the real needs of farmers with regards to nutrients for different types of crops and soils.’’ 

IFA Director General Charlotte Hebebrand said: ‘‘Market analysis is the key advantage of our association, along with the tremendous public good that we offer to all interested parties, including representatives of the UN, the scientific community and other organisations.’’