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PhosAgro sponsors and participates in the Rally da Safra in Brazil

27 January 2021
Moscow – PhosAgro sponsors and participates in Rally da Safra in Brazil. As part of the event, which will be held from January 24 to June 5, 26 crews of agronomists, agricultural market specialists and fertilizer experts will drive various routes around the country, visiting key soybean and corn production plants along their way.

The Rally da Safra ("Harvest Rally"), which has been held annually since 2004, will feature a series of interviews with experts, agricultural producers and sponsors. The events will be covered online and in the media.

PhosAgro representatives will take part in both the rally and online broadcasts. Along the route, PhosAgro teams will also promote the Company’s product line, modern crop management systems and eco-labeling. As part of the event, agricultural specialists will meet with around 60 local farmers.

"Latin America is one of the key regions of our Company's presence. The main consumer in the region is Brazil, which ranks 4th in the world in terms of fertilizer use after China, India and the United States. Every year, we supply more than 1 million tonnes of green fertilizers to the Brazilian market. In 2021, the Company plans to ship around 1.3 million tonnes of phosphate fertilizers to Brazil. Our Brazilian office in Sao Paulo has been operating for more than five years and has all the necessary knowledge to support our Brazilian clients in using the Company's green fertilizers and developing nutrition programmes," said Sergey Pronin, Deputy General Director for Sales and Marketing of PhosAgro.

About PhosAgro's participation in the Rally da Safra (in Portuguese)