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Phosagro to Shift Output to Complex Fertilizers on Demand

26 November 2012
Bloomberg, Congoo, worldnews 
OAO Phosagro,  Europe ’s largest phosphate-fertilizer producer, plans to increase output of complex fertilizers in the first quarter and cut diammonium and mono-ammonium phosphates because of shifting demand.
Output of compleх NPK and NPS fertilizers will expand by 20 percent from the same period this year, Phosagro said today in a statement. Diammonium and mono-ammonium phosphates, known as DAP and MAP, will drop more than 17 percent over the same period.
Total production volumes will be unchanged.
Phosagro made 1.08 million metric tons of phosphate-based fertilizers and 216,900 tons of nitrogen-based fertilizers in the first quarter of 2012, the company said at the time.
“Due to our flexible production model that allows us to produce different types of products on the same production lines, we plan to focus on production of complex fertilizers, which enjoy higher demand than DAP and MAP,” Maxim Volkov, Phosagro’s chief executive officer, said in the statement.