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Phosagro products: mineral fertilizers, feed grades, apatite concentrate

Att.: Buyers of the PhosAgro Group Products

Please, be aware that recently fraud cases with sales of products allegedly made by the PhosAgro Group which are offered by persons illegally using the name of our company and its entities have become frequent in the trade markets.

We recommend to you to show caution and care if you receive offers on delivery of the PhosAgro Group products on behalf of unknown companies without preliminary check of their structure and solvency.

If you have become a victim of a fraud disguised as sales of the PhosAgro Group products, or you have received dubious offers on sales of the PhosAgro Group products please don`t hesitate to call us at +7 (820) 259-32-32 or e-mail help@phosagro.ru.

For more detailed information please go to our website at Contacts