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PhosAgro has a long term and comprehensive strategy for environmental and industrial safety

As large-scale production involves the accumulation of waste, the discharge of pollutants into the atmosphere and into surface water, PhosAgro does all it can to minimise its impact on the environment and to offset any damage.

PhosAgro implements the following key activities in this area:

  • environmental assessment of production facilities (reviewed by independent experts);
  • protection and prudent management of water resources;
  • protection of the atmosphere;
  • protection of land;
  • recycling and processing of hazardous waste;
  • efficient use of resources and energy.

PhosAgro consistently upgrades its production assets, using innovative and environmentally sound and resource and energy saving technologies. Environmental management systems and occupational health and safety systems have been implemented at PhosAgro’s subsidiaries.

Independent experts have confirmed that PhosAgro has managed to improve significantly the environmental situation in the regions where the company has production facilities.