Resource Base and Quality

A Cleaner Source of Phosphorus

PhosAgro has its own deposits of apatite-nepheline ore in Russia, which is unique in terms of its environmental friendliness and safety. Unlike other deposits, our reserves are of igneous origin, which means they do not have concentrations of toxic heavy metals.

Our apatite-nepheline ore contains a large amount of phosphorus and other substances that are beneficial for human health. This makes it possible to process phosphate rock into phosphate-based fertilizers, feed, technical and food phosphates without any limitations or additional processing.

As a rule, the quality of phosphate rock depends on its P2O5 content. PhosAgro’s phosphate rock has a P2O5 content of 39–40%, while most sources do not exceed 28–32%. We sell our phosphate rock to Russian producers of complex fertilizers and European producers of technical and food phosphates who need raw materials with high nutrient content.

A Cleaner Source of Phosphorus

Our Commitment to Quality Assurance

PhosAgro focuses heavily on quality management and the safety of our fertilizers at every stage of production and delivery. Our production facilities are certified to meet the relevant global standards.

In addition, our products have won dozens of awards at major agricultural and chemical exhibitions, including the list of Russia’s Top 100 Best Products. These awards demonstrate the high standard of excellence adopted by PhosAgro.

Our Commitment to Quality Assurance