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Development and prospects

Leadership in the Russian market

Russian farmers remain our key customers. PhosAgro is firmly positioned as the leading mineral fertilizer supplier domestically, having doubled its shipments over the last five years alone. We have extensive expertise in crop cultivation in all types of Russian soils and are ready to offer our customers – from small farms to large agricultural producers – tailor-made nutrition programmes for a variety of crops.

Self-sufficiency in mineral resources

PhosAgro enjoys self-sufficiency in phosphate rock at 100%, phosphoric acid – at 100%, sulphuric acid – at 87% and ammonia – at 90%. The superior quality and safety of our phosphate-based fertilizers come from the exceptionally pure phosphate ore that we mine on the Kola Peninsula.

Capacity expansion

The capacity expansion programme running across the Group’s production assets until 2025 will enable PhosAgro to significantly increase the output of environmentally safe fertilizers and feed phosphates.

What makes Phosagro unique

Why us?

Ownership of high-grade and pure phosphate rock resources coupled with flexible production capacities and a vertically integrated business model give PhosAgro a distinctive competitive edge making it well-prepared to deliver a wide range of crop nutrients to farmers in Russia and across the globe.

Food safety guarantee

We use our own high-quality ingenuous phosphate rock with high phosphate content to ensure the superior quality of our fertilizers and the safety of crops grown with them.

Wide range of ready-to-use farming solutions

Our in-house R&D function enables us to develop and launch new fertilizer grades in a prompt manner in order to deliver the crop nutrient solutions our customers need.

Flexible production and sales models

Our flexible production model enables us to focus on producing exactly what our customers require. PhosAgro’s production lines are capable of switching between different fertilizers in less than just two shifts, meaning we can react quickly to changing demand and maintain high capacity utilisation rates. This is further enhanced by a flexible sales model, which enables us to sell our products in volumes ranging from 50–1,000 kg big-bags for domestic shipments to 20–40 tonne containers and entire bulk ships for export.