Industrial phosphates
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Key metrics of STPP grades

Specification GR FH 55‑70 SP 0‑10 SP 35‑55 MP 35‑55 HP 35‑55
P2O5, content, % (min.) 55,5 55,5 55,0 55,5 56,0 57,0
Na5P3O10, content, % (min.) 94 94 90 92 94 94
Phase (Form) I, % - 55-70 0-10 35-55 35-55 35-55
Bulk density, gr/cm3 0,9-1,1 0,9-1,2 0,9-1,2 0,9-1,1 0,9-1,1

Technical data sheets for primary STPP grades

General information

The only manufacturer of sodium tripolyphosphate in Russia is PhosAgro subsidiary Volkhov branch of Apatit. The production site is located in Volkhov, Leningrad region, which is near the St Petersburg port. With well-developed infrastructure, including highways and a large railway junction, Metachem can easily ship its production to customers around the world.

Apatite concentrate used in the STPP production process is mined by PhosAgro at the Kirovsk branch of Apatit. The company extracts one of the purest natural materials in the world, which is of magmatic origin and is characterised by its high nutrient content and very low levels of heavy metals. The use of phosphate rock from apatite mined at the Khibiny deposits contributes to the production of the highest-quality products.