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Green One: a label for products with improved characteristics

Today, the general public increasingly needs healthy foods, while manufacturers are committed to responding to this need.

In line with Russian President Vladimir Putin’s order, Federal Law No. 159-FZ On Agricultural Products, Raw Materials and Food with Improved Environmental Characteristics dated 11 June 2021 was developed and adopted, taking effect on 1 March 2022. The law aims to develop the national market for respective products and make them more affordable for consumers. The document contains all the necessary terms and definitions and sets out key requirements for the manufacturing, marketing and labelling of enhanced agricultural products, food, and industrial and other goods.

In March 2020, the government enacted a first package of national standards on agricultural products, raw materials and food with improved characteristics.

GOST R 58658–2019. Agricultural products, raw materials and food with improved characteristics. Mineral fertilizers. General specifications.

GOST R 58663–2019. Agricultural products, raw materials and food with improved characteristics. Mineral fertilizers. Methods for determining lead, cadmium, arsenic, nickel, mercury, chromium (VI), copper, zinc and biuret.

The standards introduce the world’s most advanced limitations on cadmium levels in fertilizers, which are three times more stringent than those set out in the EU criteria. The threshold for cadmium content in mineral fertilizers permitted for sale in Russia under the above GOST standard is set at 20 mg/kg of phosphorus content. Mineral fertilizers with improved characteristics are the foundation for the manufacturing of healthy and affordable foods available to Russian consumers. PhosAgro is the leading domestic supplier of fertilizers, contributing to high yields of crops and strong quality of agricultural products.

Why the new standard was put in place:

  • Consumer protection: consumers can responsibly opt for green products, which helps to improve the quality of life and life expectancy.
  • Responsible approach to the environment, from crop growing, harvesting, storage and processing, to product sales.
  • Superior environmental requirements in the Russian agricultural sector.
  • Improved competitive edge of enhanced products made in Russia.
  • Establishment of a legal and regulatory framework and conformity assessment to ensure proper use of a label that singles out enhanced agricultural products, food, and industrial and other goods.
  • Transition to full traceability of the entire lifecycle of food manufacturing and marketing, with information made available to consumers.

Agricultural manufacturers will be able to confirm that their products meet enhanced green criteria by undergoing voluntary certification. The Russian Quality Agency (Roskachestvo) opened Russia’s first certification body for enhanced products, raw materials and food accredited in the national system. Following certification and inclusion into the governmental register of manufacturers of agricultural products, raw materials and food with improved characteristics, manufacturers will be able to use the Green One label for their products. The trademark rights to the label are held by Russia’s Ministry of Agriculture. For consumers, the Green One label on the packaging will show the product’s superior quality and environmental properties.

PhosAgro’s production chain incorporates technologies that ensure compliance with stringent standards for enhanced products.

Manufacturing Use of high-purity raw materials, feedstock and reagents
Maximum reliance on recycled materials and efficient use of energy resources
Use of best available techniques
Reliance on closed water circulation systems
Packaging Use of recyclable packaging materials Storage and transportation Separate storage and transportation with a traceability system in place Application Control over the purity of soils, crop protection systems and seeds to manufacture enhanced agricultural products

PhosAgro makes environmentally friendly fertilizers with superior eco-efficiency. They contain no cadmium or other toxic substances in dangerous concentrations harmful to human health and soils. As a result, PhosAgro became Russia’s first company to obtain an enhanced fertilizer certificate for its entire product range.