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Forbes Ranks PhosAgro Among World’s Top-500 Best Employers

12 October 2017
Moscow – The first ever Forbes Global 2000 - World’s Best Employers ranking has named PhosAgro among the four Russian companies to place in the list’s top 500, with PhosAgro taking the 468th spot.

The World's Best Employers rating was based on the Forbes Global 2000 list of the world’s largest public companies, which the magazine compiles on an annual basis.

To create the list, Statista analyzed more than 360,000 global recommendations for a company as an employer. Recommendations were collected using both macro global polling methods in addition to regionally-based surveying. The ranking took into account perception of the company, work conditions and its diversification. 

Employees of companies were asked to evaluate their employer, whether they would recommend the company to friends or family members, which other employers have a good reputation, and where working conditions are considered to be the most attractive.

PhosAgro CEO Andrey Guryev said: "I am very pleased to see international recognition of the initiatives PhosAgro is implementing in the personnel and social spheres. These receive the same level of attention as implementation of investment projects and production upgrades, as well as fulfilling the promises we made to investors and shareholders.

“People have always been and will always be PhosAgro’s greatest value. We will continue to create safe and comfortable working conditions and opportunities for further development of each employee’s professional potential.” 

In the regions where it operates, PhosAgro implements programmes in the speres of education, health, youth policy, support of youth and professional sports, improving working conditions and improving workplace safety. PhosAgro enterprises have adopted collective bargaining agreements that provide extended social guarantees to employees, are recognised as being among the best in the regions where the Company operates and recommended to other key employers in those regions.

The Company is engaged in the preparation of highly professional engineering personnel, having built an educational process based on the "school-technical school-university" concept. PhosAgro Classes have been established in every region where the company operates, helping to prepare high school students to enter the best technical schools and universities by providing special in-depth study programmes. Almost all graduates of PhosAgro Classes continue their education in Russia’s best technical universities and colleges, and then join PhosAgro or other high-tech enterprises in Russia.

PhosAgro is one of the few employers in Russia that also offers its own housing programme, under which employees have received keys to more than 1,500 apartments on preferential terms.