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PhosAgro Launches New Corporate Website

4 April 2013
Moscow – PhosAgro (Moscow Exchange, LSE: PHOR), a leading global vertically integrated phosphate-based fertilizer producer, announces the launch of its new corporate website.

The site, which features information about the Company for customers, shareholders and investors, analysts and journalists and other stakeholders, can be found at http://www.phosagro.ru and http://www.phosagro.com.

The new website tells the history of PhosAgro, its production assets, the modernisation programme that is currently underway, corporate structure and corporate governance principles, and product specifications. It also provides users with the Company’s latest operational news. Visitors to the site have the option to customize a booklet about the Company by easily compiling information on the topics most interesting to them. Additionally, the site features an expanded gallery of photo and video materials.

The investor relations section of the website has been significantly upgraded. The new interface allows for easy access to the Company’s annual reports and current financial results, as well as share and GDR price charts. The investor calendar section contains information on upcoming events being organised by the investor relations and corporate finance department.

In the press centre section, visitors will find the latest updates about the Company, news from its subsidiaries as well as recent press publications about PhosAgro.

Job seekers and recent graduates can find information regarding PhosAgro’s employee benefit programmes, as well as programmes for students and recent graduates at PhosAgro subsidiaries.

The launch of PhosAgro’s new website is part of the Company’s efforts to improve communications and transparency with customers, investors, shareholders and other stakeholders.