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Monocalcium phosphate

Ca (H₂PO₄)₂

Monocalcium phosphate is a food supplement forlivestock and poultry diet to replenish calcium and phosphorus that contribute to the formation of strong bone tissue and skeleton, improve metabolism, functions of the nervous, immune and reproductive systems, increase productivity. Mineral additives ofthis composition are especially recommended for feeding herbivorous animals.


  • Increases productivity

  • Reduces the fattening period

  • Promotes healthy breed

  • Contributes to conservation of young livestock

  • Improves the nutritional value of meat, milk

  • Reduces feed consumption


By phosphorus content and availability, monocalcium phosphate meets the world market’s requirements both in terms of satisfaction ofthe physiological need of poultry for phosphorus and in terms of environmental protection.

  • Ensures uniform digestion. This leads to better intake and greater daily gain of broilers and piglets.

  • Reduces the number of bacterial and fungal organisms and prevents their generation.

  • Acts as a mould inhibitor and can be considered as a ready-mixed feed conserving agent.

  • Has a light non-aggressive effect. The minimum pH of its 1% solution is 3.5. It does not destroy proteins and vitamins.


pH min. 3.4
Granule composition ≥ 90% Ø 0.2-2.0 mm


P 22–23%
Ca 15–17%
H2O max. 4.0%


Milking cows

35–100 g


30–75 g


0.8–5 g


2–5 g

Young sheeps

1.5–3 g


1.5–2.5 g

Intake of 1 gramme of available phosphorus by livestock and poultry

based on the data of leading Russian institutions

Share of available phosphorus Consumption
Monocalcium phosphate 99% 4.6 g*
Dicalcium phosphate 92% 4.6 g
Defluorinated phosphate 87% 6.4 g
Tricalcium phosphate 40% 22.4 g

* Lower costs to meet the daily need for phosphorus when using monocalcium phosphate which has the highest total phosphorus content and features good digestibility. This reduces customer’s overhead costs and providing variability of ready-mixed feeds, premixes and protein‑vitamin mineral supplements.