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  • Titanite concentrate

    Titanite concentrate

    Titanite concentrate is used in industrial paints, for the manufacture of art glass, glazing and stone casting.

  • Phosphate rock (high quality)

    Phosphate rock (high quality)

    High-grade phosphate rock is used in the production of fertilisers and feed additives, and also in the treatment of water and metals, the manufacturing of detergents and toothpaste, the processing of meat products, cheeses and drinks in the food industry, as well as in the production of batteries for electric vehicles.

  • Syenite alkali aluminium concentrate

    Syenite alkali aluminium concentrate

    Syenite alkali aluminium concentrate is required for the production of building materials, and also in the glass industry and ceramics production.

  • Titanomagnetite concentrate

    Titanomagnetite concentrate

    Titanomagnetite concentrate is used in the production of vanadium pig iron and titanium slag, abrasives and refractory products and pigments.

  • Nepheline concentrate

    Nepheline concentrate

    Nepheline concentrate is the raw material used by alumina and cement producers. It is also used in the production of soda ash, potash, and in further conversion stages in the chemical industry, the production of ceramic products, welding electrodes, water-dispersion paints and substances needed for the treatment of natural and wastewater.