Providing high quality, safe phosphate to farmers

We are one of the world’s leading phosphate-based fertilizer producers. Farmers around the world rely on PhosAgro to boost their crop output and ensure that the resulting food products are healthy.

Our fertilizers come from our own high-quality igneous phosphate rock. It is virtually free of heavy metals and it offers a high phosphate and sulfur content to ensure the superior quality of our nutrients and the safety of crops grown with them.

Based in Russia, our high-performance and environmentally safe products are marketed across all inhabited continents and in more than 100 countries. U.S. and Canadian farmers can purchase PhosAgro products through our retail partner ADM Farm Direct Fertilizer.

Providing high quality, safe phosphate to farmers
1 We’re Number 1
  • Phosphate rock producer globally (IFA data)
  • Manufacturer of phosphate-based fertilizers in Europe, and the world’s leading high-grade phosphate rock producer

We Are Committed to Farmers

PhosAgro is well-prepared to deliver crop nutrients to farmers across the globe. We own a distinct competitive edge in the markets we serve thanks to:

  • Our high-grade and pure phosphate rock resources
  • Flexible production capacities
  • A vertically integrated business model
Food safety guarantee 

Food safety guarantee 

Our high-quality igneous phosphate rock contains high amounts of phosphate to ensure superior quality fertilizer and the safety of crops grown with them.

Customer focus

Customer focus

Our well-developed distribution network, including our partnership with ADM in North America, gets us closer to our customers so we better understand their needs.

Responsive farming solutions

Responsive farming solutions

Our in-house R&D function enables us to develop and launch new fertilizer grades in a prompt manner in order to deliver the crop nutrient solutions our customers need.