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Phosphate Fertilizers Unlike Any Other

When it comes to phosphate fertilizers, the phosphorus source has a direct effect on the ultimate quality of the fertilizer.

PhosAgro fertilizers come from a unique, natural source known as apatite rock, which is particularly beneficial for the needs of modern farming operations. It is mined in Russia, and our manufacturing process delivers consistently higher levels of phosphorus, nitrogen and sulfur in every ton of product.

The blonde color of PhosAgro phosphates distinguishes these fertilizers from others on the market. They are virtually free of cadmium and other impurities that can cause long-term damage to the soil.

It’s little wonder that farmers in 100 countries choose PhosAgro fertilizers to feed their crops and maintain the fertility and health of their soil.

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More Nutrients

More Nutrients

PhosAgro phosphates consistently contain higher levels of phosphorus, nitrogen and sulfur in every ounce, pound and ton.

Highly Soluble

Highly Soluble

PhosAgro products have superior water solubility characteristics, which is critical for delivering its nutrients from the soil to the plant.

Naturally Pure

Naturally Pure

Compared to other sources, PhosAgro fertilizers contain very low to zero heavy metal contaminants. We also don’t need to use petroleum as a coating, which results in a purer fertilizer for sustainable farming.

Exceptional Value

Exceptional Value

Our efficient mining and manufacturing process combined with our streamlined distribution model through ADM Farm Direct Fertilizer make PhosAgro products an unbeatable value.

Product Specifics

Traditional, tried-and-true fertilizer products like MAP and DAP are now better than ever. PhosAgro MAP+ and DAP+ offer benefits that commodity-grade fertilizers can’t match.

Where to Buy

The Direct Path to Healthy Crops

PhosAgro products are exclusively available to U.S. and Canadian farmers through ADM Farm Direct Fertilizer. You get top-quality phosphates for your crop through a buying program designed to lower your input costs.

In addition, when you partner with ADM Farm Direct Fertilizer and PhosAgro, you gain access to plant food experts who can help elevate your knowledge of practices for the application of phosphates on your farm.

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Phosphate Rock

Phosphate rock is the raw material used in the manufacture of most commercial fertilizers, and deposits of these rocks are mined across the globe. PhosAgro fertilizers come from igneous apatite rock located in Russia, which is less abundant globally than the more common sedimentary rock phosphates.

Sedimentary rock phosphates contain much higher concentrations of potentially hazardous elements (As, Cd, Cr, Pb, Se and U) than igneous rock phosphates.

Most rock phosphates mined in the world (about 80%) are used for the production of P-fertilizers. The remaining amount is used to make detergents (12%), animal feed supplements (5%), and specialty applications and other users.

Resource Base and Quality

PhosAgro has its own deposits of apatite-nepheline ore in Russia, which is unique in terms of its environmental friendliness and safety. Unlike other deposits, our reserves are of igneous origin, which means they do not have concentrations of toxic heavy metals.

Our apatite-nepheline ore contains a large amount of phosphorus and other substances that are beneficial for human health. This makes it possible to process phosphate rock into phosphate-based fertilizers, feed, technical and food phosphates without any limitations or additional processing.