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Shareholders meetings

The General Meeting of Shareholders is the supreme governing body of PhosAgro (hereinafter, the “Company”). The Annual General Meeting of Shareholders is convened by the Board of Directors at least once a year and held not earlier than two months and not later than six months after the financial year end.

An Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders may be convened by the Board of Directors at its sole discretion or at the request of the Company's Review Committee (Review Officer), the Company's auditor and shareholders (shareholder) holding at least ten (10) percent of the Company's voting shares as at the date of the request.

General Meetings give shareholders the opportunity to decide on the Company's top priority matters, including approval of annual financial statements, distribution of profit, declaration and payment of dividends, election of the Board of Directors and Review Committee as well as approval of the Company's Charter and other internal regulations.

The authority of the General Meeting of Shareholders and the procedural requirements for its preparation and holding are defined in the Company's Charter and Regulation on the General Meeting of Shareholders.