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Vitality Leaf ecolabel

PhosAgro* has become the first company in the Russian mineral fertilizer industry to receive a certificate of compliance with the Ecological Union’s Vitality Leaf standard and the right to use the internationally recognised ecolabel on its products.

This is a credible testimonial to the outstanding eco-efficiency of our mineral fertilizers.

Standard STO-56171713-023-2020 (Mineral fertilizers. Requirements for environmental safety and assessment methods):

  • developed by the Ecological Union
  • complies with the standards of the Global Ecolabelling Network (GEN) **
  • companies that meet the standard may use the internationally recognised Vitality Leaf ecolabel

Going forward, PhosAgro’s fertilizers that have successfully completed certification will bear the Vitality Leaf ecolabel.

Eco-friendly products and responsible consumption are currently gaining momentum in Russia and abroad, with more consumers setting great store by environmental properties of a product. This is confirmed by international and Russian research:

  • Over 44% of Russians find ecolabels trustworthy, while 42% pay a premium for more environmentally friendly products and packaging. Green Response (2021).
  • Three in five global consumers are interested in learning more about where their food comes from and how it is made. Three in four global consumers expect companies to invest in sustainability. Innova Consumer Survey 2020.
  • Some 37% of Russians are likely to opt for goods and services provided by a responsible business, should they all be in the same price range. Romir jointly with Plan B and SKOLKOVO Sustainable Business Lab (2019).

The Vitality Leaf ecolabel certifies that the assessment of a product’s life cycle proved it to be more environmentally preferable compared to peers.

The only ecolabel in Russia to be recognised internationally due to a science-based product assessment approach and services underpinned by a comprehensive life cycle analysis.

The Vitality Leaf ecolabel on PhosAgro’s fertilizers confirms that:

  • Environmentally preferable fertilizers are essential to sustainable agriculture, as they are a part of sustainable intensive farming practices;
  • Fertilizers do not contain heavy metals such as cadmium, chromium, mercury or nickel, which can harm the environment and human health. The requirements of the Ecological Union for the content of most heavy metals are in line with the EU directive, which came into effect on 16 July 2022;
  • Our fertilizers come with precise dosage recommendations, which serve to preserve soil fertility by preventing their excessive use***;
  • The production cycle is designed to ensure a sustainable use of resources and apply the best available techniques;
  • Our feedstock suppliers have passed all environmental safety checks, as the Company has put in place the Green Procurement system****.

Ecolabelling is an opportunity to make an informed choice in favour of eco-friendly products with internationally recognised environmental credentials.

PhosAgro’s eco-efficient products

By producing environmentally preferable products with proven characteristics, PhosAgro makes a significant contribution to sustainable consumption and production in Russia. The responsible approach to the management of soil fertility on an industrial scale will mitigate the environmental impact that comes from agriculture.

At PhosAgro, we have a management framework that relies on the assessment of product life cycle. It covers all production facilities and stages of product life and takes accounts of ISO 14040 and ISO 14044. The Company’s existing environmental management system provides for the efficiency of the framework. In 2021, the environmental management system was certified across all the Company’s production sites and was found to be in full compliance with ISO 14001.

In addition, PhosAgro was ahead of all Russian companies in completing certification under the national standard for products with improved characteristics stipulated by Federal Law No. 159-FZ On Agricultural Products, Raw Materials and Food with Improved Characteristics dated 11 June 2021 and due to come into effect on 1 March 2022. The Group’s facilities became the first ones to receive relevant certificates.

Moreover, PhosAgro made the Green Label environmental statement that affirms that the product is free from dangerous cadmium concentrations capable of harming soils.

Finally, our products are labelled with an EU pictogram developed under Regulation (EU) 2019/1009 and ensuing rules for voluntary labelling of safe fertilizers in terms of heavy metals content.

Global Ecolabelling Network (GEN)

Russia is represented in GEN only by the Vitality Leaf ecolabel operated by the Ecological Union. Apart from that, the non-profit association includes internationally recognised Type I ecolabels focusing on life cycle analysis such as the EU Flower (EU countries), Blue Angel (Germany), Nordic Swan (Nordic countries), etc.

Since 2007, the Vitality Leaf experts have been working together with GEN to expand their research outreach, implement new eco-labelling projects and achieve Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

For a GEN ecolabel to be recognised abroad, it must undergo a peer review process, known as the GEN Internationally Coordinated Ecolabelling System (GENICES).

In 2011, Vitality Leaf successfully completed this peer review by demonstrating a high quality of its eco-standard development and certification procedures and was awarded a GENICES certificate. In 2017, it underwent yet another audit and got its status reconfirmed.

GENICES enables members to enter into mutual ecolabel recognition agreements as long as they share the majority of criteria used for assessing the product’s environmental safety. Companies with an ecolabel get a chance to be certified under a different ecolabelling programme in a simplified manner.

* Here PhosAgro means JSC Apatit, PhosAgro Group’s subsidiary.

** The Global Ecolabelling Network (GEN) means an independent global non-profit organisation that brings together leading national ecolabels.

*** The recommendations are available at shop.phosagro.com (see the Agricultural Calculator section) and in the AgroResult mobile app.

**** Green Procurement provides a framework for environmental criteria to be included in procurement requirements.