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Social Responsibility

Strategic goals

By 2025

to 65%
Increase the employee satisfaction and loyalty parameter to up to 65% by the year 2025 against the 2019 level (from 60%)
by 50%
Increase the average number of annual training hours per employee by 50% to 123 hours in order to boost performance
by 10 % Annually
Reduce workplace Injuries
by 10 % Annually
Reduce the number of incidents

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The environment

Environmental protection is one of the Company’s top priorities throughout the entire product life cycle.

The priority areas of our environmental strategy include reduction of the Company’s negative impact on the environment, preservation of natural ecological systems and constant development of environmental management.

Corporate governance

We are building an effective and transparent governance structure based on equality of shareholders, responsibility and accountability of each governance body, leadership and independence of the Board of Directors, and a corporate culture that does not tolerate any form of corruption or discrimination.