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The environment

Environmental protection and safety, as well as climate change risk management are key issues for us. Proper management of these aspects ensures the sustainable development of PhosAgro Group and well-being of the regions where we operate.

The Company’s 2025 Development Strategy sets forth provisions to ensure strict compliance with environmental responsibility requirements and minimize the environmental impact of our operations throughout the entire product life cycle, from ore to feedstuff.

Strategic Targets

By 2025

by 23.7%
Reduction of specific pollutant emissions

By 2025, it will be 0.800 kg/tonne of product

by 31%
Reduction of specific volumes of wastewater discharge

By 2025, it will be 4.16 m³/tonne of product

to 40%
Increase in disposed waste share

Hazard classes I–IV wastes utilised and neutralized up from 27% to 40%

Reduction in specific water withdrawal

By 2025 to 5.16 m3/t

By 2028

by 14%
Reduction of gross greenhouse gas emissions (scopes 1, 2, and 3)
by 30,9%
Reduction of specific GHG emissions (scope 1)

By 2028, specific greenhouse gas emissions (scope 1) will amount to 109.1 kg in tСО₂-eq, which is 30.9% below the 2018 baseline

The PhosAgro Group’s key priorities are to protect the environment and reduce the environmental impact of its operations. We strive to create our fertilizers in a safe and environmentally friendly way, ensuring sustainable growth in agricultural production worldwide.

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Social responsibility

We take care of our employees and implement significant educational, medical, youth-related and professional sports

Corporate governance

We are building an effective and transparent governance structure based on equality of shareholders, responsibility and accountability of each governance body, leadership and independence of the Board of Directors, and a corporate culture that does not tolerate any form of corruption or discrimination