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Sustainable Development Goals
Goal 9

Industry, innovation and infrastructure

Target 9.1

Develop quality, reliable, sustainable and resilient infrastructure, including regional and transborder infrastructure, to support economic development and human well-being, with a focus on affordable and equitable access for all.

Impact of stakeholders We make a significant contribution to the development of infrastructure in the regions of its presence.


The Company makes a significant contribution to the development of regional infrastructure and uses modern technology that reduces emissions and pollution of water resources:

  • In 2019, we invested over RUB 800 mln in the Khibini Airport and Tirvas Sanatorium infrastructure;

  • We are supporting a project for the development of Bolshoi Vudyavr Ski Resort and the upgrade of the Khibini Airport in Kirovsk and Apatity;

  • Since 2013, the Company has invested over RUB 400 mln in PhosAgro Classes, including RUB 250 mln spent on renovations and equipment. During the first stage, we improved the facilities and equipment available at the schools covered by the project. This included newly launched subjectspecific classrooms equipped with interactive whiteboards, multimedia devices, tablets and other tools, along with cutting-edge lab equipment and other advanced IT technology now available to students and teachers;

  • The Samoilov Scientific Research Institute for Fertilizers and Insectofungicides (NIUIF), Russia’s only and one of Europe’s leading agrochemical research institutes, is part of PhosAgro Group. We support research aiming to develop green chemistry technologies, including those related to crop nutrients production.

GRI 203-1
Infrastructure investments and services supported

Management approach

The Company carries out charitable activities based on public benefit priorities and opportunities to partner with regional and local government authorities, local communities and non-governmental organisations, educational institutions and other stakeholders.

As part of our partnership with local and regional administrations, we provide funding to healthcare facilities across our footprint.

Company Commitment

We seek to help the regions where we operate to achieve sustainable growth, and contribute to the development of local communities through our value chain, employment opportunities, infrastructure improvements and social investment programmers.

We will continue to invest in the development of infrastructure of Khibini Airport: the air terminal building, its facade and runway are scheduled to be modernised. And we will continue to support the development of sports facilities for children’s and youth sports, amateur sports, high achievement sports, professional sports and promotion of sports among the people in the regions where it operates.

Strategic goals

The Company annually approves goals for all of its sites related to:

  • Improving the living conditions of employees;

  • Providing facilities for regular physical training and sports, etc.

Other goals